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Excellent cleaning performance, remineralization and whitening for toothpaste

Omyadent® particles have a core of Calcium Carbonate and a shell of hydroxyapatite, the main constituent of the enamel and dentin in our teeth. Omyadent® is produced using Omya proprietary technology, in which the mineral is modified such that new surface features develop and particles become porous. This allows for a variety of products with a broad spectrum of properties, capabilities and applications.

Remineralization and Whitening

Omyadent® 100 – OG is a source of calcium and phosphate, ensuring high reactivity and efficient remineralization of the enamel by repairing microscopic defects. The result of applying Omyadent® 100 – OG is a smoother and whiter tooth surface.


Omyadent® 200 – OG is specifically developed to meet the requirements of teeth with exposed dentin which is characterized by dentin sensitivity. Thanks to its tailored small particles, Omyadent® 200 – OG penetrates the tubules and occludes them effectively. The hydroxyapatite shell ensures improved acid-resistance versus calcium carbonate and makes Omyadent® 200 – OG survive acid attacks